This was a project I did in my role as a graphic design senior manager in business development (designing pursuits/proposals) for Deloitte. 

A proposal that was created for a company that is involved in color for products and was recently created by a few mergers. To show our understanding of their business and the mergers, I created the colorful artwork by photographing dyes mixing with oils and water. I then took all of that art and merged it with some stock illustrations. It was a great collaboration with the writer and the client service team. I have several prints of the raw art framed in my house. Love to think out of the box like this. 

I used my iPhone with a stand that allowed it to be used above the art along with some LED lights. I also brought the images into Adobe Illustrator and merged it with some stock illustrations from Adobe Stock and clipped out the art from where the illustration wasn't. 

The illustrations were by Simple Line purchased on Adobe Stock

All text and photographs of people have been blurred for privacy and confidentiality. 
Blue Giraffe Design, led by graphic designer Brooke Hoe with 30 years of experience transforms your ideas into reality. 

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