CFO Conference
This was a project I did in my role as a graphic design senior manager in business development (designing pursuits/proposals) for Deloitte, the conference was an annual business development event.

CFO Conference. CFO Vision™, a world-class event, offers an exclusive opportunity to hear insights and perspectives from thought leaders in business, politics, and the media—and engage in thought-provoking dialogue among CFO peers. The agenda offers attendees engaging presentations and discussions on timely topics.
I was the creative force behind the annual conference for fifteen years. Worked directly with firm leadership annually. Below you will find a few examples. 
Illustrations by Craig Frazier
I took these photographs -I went and bought lots of gems at the craft store and I had that shell from my grandmother's collection of shells. At the time -the department was known as one that worked with "crown jewel" clients. 
I took the photos for this with makeshift white foamcore boards. Cannon DSXLR. No lighting no special anything. Just tried to make it work. 
Favorite year - has a giraffe - had to love it! That was a concept I pitched and was so excited when they picked it. 
I worked with a great photographer to shoot all of these domino images, also team of designers that ended up painting a green dot aon hundreds of dominoes to use as invitation closing. 
Blue Giraffe Design, led by graphic designer Brooke Hoe with 30 years of experience transforms your ideas into reality. 

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