Business-to-business pursuits "B2B pursuits" refer to business-to-business pursuits, which are essentially the process of pursuing new business opportunities between companies or organizations. In a B2B pursuit, one business is looking to provide a product or service to another business as a means of growing its revenue and expanding its customer base.

The B2B pursuit process can be complex, involving numerous steps such as research, proposal development, presentation delivery, and contract negotiation. The aim is to identify a business's specific needs, determine how the offering can meet those needs, and then effectively communicate that value proposition to the target organization.

In the B2B world, these pursuits are often highly competitive, with multiple companies vying for the same business. As a result, effective B2B pursuit strategies require a deep understanding of the target organization's needs, as well as a solid grasp of the competitive landscape and a willingness to differentiate oneself from the competition in order to win the business.
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